Family gardening

The Goal of Christian Parenting Is …

If you want to accomplish anything in life, getting clarity on what is your end goal is critical to successfully achieving that thing. It doesn’t matter what area of life you’re talking about—work, health, marriage, finances, etc. If you want to accomplish something significant, you have to get clear on what you actually want to […]

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young man standing on the top of mountain and  watching the sunrise

Your Life Is Perfectly Designed to Produce the Result You’re Currently Getting

If it were possible to narrow down the Johnson Letter Lessons to a list of the top ten, this one would be in the running—it’s that important. No matter where you are in life, no matter what age you are, no matter where you work or where you live, no matter what your family situation […]

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Man with mask

You Are Who You Are And Where You Are Because That’s What You Really Want

Have you ever wanted to achieve something or change something in your life and then a month or six months or a year or five years later realized that nothing has changed? Maybe you wanted to Lose some weight (or get in shape) Get straight A’s Learn a language Become more confident Be a truth-teller, […]

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Young woman writing letter to copybook

Your Two Best Teachers Will Always Be Reflection and Evaluation—So Practice Both Daily

One of the life lessons I’ll write about later in this series is that the greatest education you’ll ever receive is not the one you get from a school or an institute of higher education, but the one you give yourself. You, more than any other instructor, person or institution, are in charge of your […]

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Looking Forward

Life Is Lived Forward, Not Backward

One of the unfortunate realities of life is that sooner of later everyone fails you—including you. It’s not that most people are bad or evil or that they set out to fail you, it’s that we’re all infected with the same disease (i.e. a sin nature) that eventually affects every relationship. Sometimes the impact will […]

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To Accomplish Anything Significant, You Have to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

While most of us don’t like to admit this, we all prefer stasis (meaning, we prefer things to remain the same). It’s comfortable to remain as we are—especially when over 90% of what we do each day is done on auto-pilot. In other words, we all prefer to continue in our current habit patterns and […]

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Glass ceiling 2

Dream Big Because Your Ambition is the Glass Ceiling On Your Potential

What do you see for yourself? When you look into your future, what kind of future do you see? For example, what kinds of potential do you see for yourself in relationship to Your grades or academic achievements Your success in your sport or hobby area(s) Your knowledge/wisdom Your future spouse (if you’re not married […]

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You Don’t Learn When You’re Talking, You Learn When You’re Listening

When you meet someone for the first time (or you’re spending time with someone) what’s your goal? What do you hope to accomplish? What do you want to get out of the interaction and conversation you have with them? Now, in general, most people don’t think very intentionally about this question, which is a huge […]

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Pointing Finger

Never Be Defensive. It’s Not to Your Benefit.

It’s a fact of life. Sooner or later, someone is going to accuse you of something, or confront you about an issue, or say something mean that’s intended to hurt you, or make an unflattering comment about you. And when they do, your natural instinct will be (and this is true of all of us)  […]

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When Conflict Arises, Always Focus on Interests, Not Positions

Whenever you’re in a relationship, regardless of whether it’s a husband-wife relationship, an employer-employee relationship, an employee-employee relationship, a parent-child relationship, a friend-friend relationship, etc. conflict will inevitably occur. It’s not a question of “If it will occur …” it’s only a question of, “When will it occur.”   Why? Because, as you’ve heard me say many times before, […]

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