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Pointing Finger

Never Be Defensive. It’s Not to Your Benefit.

It’s a fact of life. Sooner or later, someone is going to accuse you of something, or confront you about an issue, or say something mean that’s intended to hurt you, or make an unflattering comment about you. And when they do, your natural instinct will be (and this is true of all of us)  […]

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Happy Couple 2

Always End Things Well Because How Things End Is How They’re Remembered

While most of us like to focus on the beginning of things (the start of a new day, the first date, the first kiss, the start of a business, the beginning of a conversation with someone, the first day of a new job, the first day of school, the start of a vacation, etc.), the […]

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An Apology with a Reason Isn’t Really an Apology

It’s rather difficult to get through a day, let alone a week, without doing or saying something that offends/hurts/bothers/disappoints/frustrates/inconveniences, etc. someone else. That’s just life. We have goals. They have goals. And rarely are we all in sync. Your parents want you to clean your room. You want to hang out with your friends. Your […]

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