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When Conflict Arises, Always Focus on Interests, Not Positions

Whenever you’re in a relationship, regardless of whether it’s a husband-wife relationship, an employer-employee relationship, an employee-employee relationship, a parent-child relationship, a friend-friend relationship, etc. conflict will inevitably occur. It’s not a question of “If it will occur …” it’s only a question of, “When will it occur.”   Why? Because, as you’ve heard me say many times before, […]

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If You Want to Win More Arguments, Learn How to Logically Construct Them

Virtually every day of your life, you’re going to be engaged in an argument with someone. Note: I’m not talking about arguments in the sense of being angry and yelling at someone. I’m talking about arguments in the classic sense where you’re trying to influence someone to agree with you and you’re doing that by […]

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