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To Accomplish Anything Significant, You Have to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

While most of us don’t like to admit this, we all prefer stasis (meaning, we prefer things to remain the same). It’s comfortable to remain as we are—especially when over 90% of what we do each day is done on auto-pilot. In other words, we all prefer to continue in our current habit patterns and […]

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Dream Big Because Your Ambition is the Glass Ceiling On Your Potential

What do you see for yourself? When you look into your future, what kind of future do you see? For example, what kinds of potential do you see for yourself in relationship to Your grades or academic achievements Your success in your sport or hobby area(s) Your knowledge/wisdom Your future spouse (if you’re not married […]

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When You’re Overwhelmed, Focus on the Next Smallest Action That’ll Move You Forward

If you want to achieve anything in life, the idea of a quiet, easily-paced life, is a fantasy. It doesn’t exist. Likewise, a day where you accomplish everything you need to accomplish is a myth as well. In fact, if you ever complete everything you need to accomplish in a day, you’re aiming way too […]

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Refuse to Waste Time and Energy Worrying About Things You Can’t Control

How often do you waste time and energy worrying about something? It could be about what someone else thinks about you. It could be about whether someone will say, “Yes” to your request for a date. It could be about an upcoming text or exam. It could be about what college you’ll be accepted to. […]

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If At First You Don’t Succeed … You Modify

Do you ever find yourself putting a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed? Or do you ever find yourself worrying about what might happen if you don’t succeed or you don’t win at whatever you’re engaged in? Well, if the answer to either of those questions is, “Yes,” don’t worry, you’re normal. We all […]

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Finger Pointing at You

If Someone Somewhere Is Succeeding At What You’re Not, Own That You May Be the Problem

As you’re hopefully picking up in these letters, there are only a handful of issues that will hinder your success more than excusitis and blame. Unfortunately, the natural tendency for most people when they’re not succeeding at something is to look for a reason why they’re not succeeding at that thing. For example, I can’t do math […]

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Don’t Fear Critique. Invite and Welcome It Into Your Life

Of all the life lessons, this will probably be one of the most difficult ones for you to implement. Why? Because, like all of us, you have a natural bias/instinct for self-preservation. Whenever someone critiques you (a teacher/parent/friend/boss/coach/rival/enemy, etc.), you’ll probably see it as an “attack” on you. And the natural thing to do when […]

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